Ancient Egypt and the Rise of Civilization

James Breasted, a famed Egyptologist who helped define the academic profession of Egyptian Studies at the University of Chicago, believed that Egypt was the most influential model from the Ancient World of what truly constitutes a great ancient civilization.  In his lectures at the University of Chicago, Breasted stated:  “There is but little room for doubt that Egypt led the way in the creation of the earliest known group of civilizations which arose on both sides of the land bridge between Africa and Eurasia in the fourth millennium B.C.”  What are your thoughts on the art of ancient Egypt and does the Vegas Casino Luxor represent a factual re-creation of this great civilization from the Ancient World?

Giza Plateau, Egypt

James Breasted and Family, Amada Temple, Nubia (Egypt)

Luxor, Las Veas, Nevada


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  1. Module 9:
    The ancient history of Egypt I believe still speaks to us today. We are surrounded by mimicked artifacts, for example, “The Luxor” of Las Vegas, displays the perfect theme of Egypt. Though many of the props and statues are replicas of the original piece, our modern day sculptors still had to engineer the tools and creativity to reproduce the works of ancient Egypt. An important concept that is carried down to us from ancient Egypt is the ability to document and record, just like the Egyptians did on tablets and sculptures. Many artifacts display a class system which most likely regulated the economic, government, and medical system. Egypt must’ve had a system of organization in order to construct such numerous buildings and temples.

    • Rick Blomberg says:

      I agree that lots of these things are mimicked, but does that mean they are really “speaking” to us, or are these people trying to recreate the past just looking to play off of a niche demo-graph and make cash off of something novel? I think that ancient Egypt is great and all, but I don’t think I would go as far to say I’m thinking about it in my day to day life, or thanking them for documenting things so I could have a way to write down my thoughts for a future generation.

  2. Rick Blomberg says:

    I think that the Luxor represents itself very well. Looks like a pyramid and it has some hieroglyphs and art that seems to be on par with what most people think Egyptians would paint up. Also it has a retread of what the Sphinx somewhat looks like. They took liberties here, but they had to in order to make it their own. Every time I look at it, I am reminded that it’s Egypt and not something else. Of course there are the commercial aspects of it as well, but all in all it represents it well without it being the actual real deal. Also I myself would some day love to go to Egypt and anywhere in northern Africa/Western Asia. I like that kind of stuff. It intrigues me very much so. I think that it would be surreal to see the actual size of the pyramids up close and to know exactly what went into making them and to see all the artifacts/sculptures and everything. Would be very neat.

    Module 9: I feel that the module question can be answered both ways. In some ways I can see it “speaking” to us still from the past because we learn new things all the time from this ancient culture, and people still follow some of their ways. Also so many theorists are out there as to how the pyramids were actually built and all this, so there is a sense of mystery behind everything. I can also say no because like you said in your final question, we are in a fast paced society now. Things shouldn’t take years to complete. We want it done and we want it done now. I think that if some of the technology was available to the Egyptians than more than just a handful of large monuments and sculptures would be multiple.

  3. Tasha Jenkins says:

    Module 9:
    I’m not quite sure what you mean to say when you ask if the ancient past is still speaking to us today. I believe we can learn a lot about an ancient culture and where maybe some of our current-day beliefs originated from. We can see how the values and beliefs of a community evolved and adapted over time, how they were changed by one individual sometimes seemingly overnight, and what has been important to humans in cultures over time.

  4. Tasha Jenkins says:

    Ancient Egypt was very advanced for its time. I was recently watching something about how the obelisks in Egypt were likely made from just one large piece of granite. Even today we do not have a lot of the knowledge about how to create such large and magnificent structures with the precision and skill that the ancient Egyptians did. What the show that I mentioned above taught, was that they were likely constructed using fire and rapid cooling techniques, but even this is up for debate at this time. I do not think that the Luxor Casino represents a factual re-creation of ancient Egypt because of the setting and times that it was built in. The Luxor Casino is surrounded by other large buildings and does not have the religious and historical meaning that other creations from ancient Egypt have.

  5. Heather Galloway says:

    I’m torn between my response to the question. I would say that the “ancient past” does not speak to us today and that it is lost and taken for granted. On the other hand, there are many parallels between today’s society and that of ancient Egypt. There are the obvious comparisons like goverenment, religion, military, and financial institutions that both societies facilitate. Then there are the more subtle comparisons like slave labor and how Egypt, in all of its magnificent splendor, was built on the backs of slaves. Similarly, today’s society was built by the working class and run by the wealthy. Yet another subtle comparison is in response to the quote from the slides during the New Kingdom, “Need to reflect the inflated Egyptian ego”. Again, the inflated ego can be seen in every facet of today’s society. I view the era of ancient Egypt as I do with every other cultural era, we are all humans with the same innate desire to dominate and control everything, whether it’s other people, animals, the landscape, etc. Each era, however long, finds its end.

    In regards to the Las Vegas Luxor, it seems to somewhat resemble the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx (with the exception of their relative sizes). Since I’ve never actually seen the Great Pyramids it’s difficult to say. Inside the Luxor there are hieroglyphics, sculptures, etc. which remind you that you are in an “Egyptian pyramid”, since it just looks like any other hotel and casino when you’re inside it. I’m not sure that they were aiming for a “factual representation”, but if they were I would say they failed.

  6. Brianna Maxim says:

    Learning Module 8

    I believe that our ancestors left those paintings for many reasons as I have stated in the blog post from last week. They could have made them as maps so they knew what dangers were around the land, where the rivers were, what food sources they had. It could have been a way to pass time and a form of communication between themselves and those of other tribes. Maybe it was even a way of marking territory. The only way we could really know their reasoning for doing this is if we could actually talk to them.

    The paintings of Chauvet cave have me the most intrigued. They are so detailed and it looks like they are depicting all of the animals in a certain pattern. It looks like the animals on the left side are game animals and then it leads into predators. They could have been cataloging the animals they had seen and encountered to tell a story of the possible food and danger of the area.

    The paintings from our ancestors should not be thrown away as if they were worthless. They show us an insight to the culture and the beliefs that the people held of the time. The paintings are different from tribe to tribe and could be an identification marker. Knowing more about the culture of our ancestors helps us understand ourselves more and should not be thrown away simply because it is old. That would be like people in the distance future throwing away paintings and such that were once considered sacred and meant something to us currently.

  7. Brianna Maxim says:

    Learning Module 9:

    I believe that Ancient Egypt is still speaking to us. There is still so much history that we don’t know. Their religion, their teaching, everything is so fascinating. It is a wonder how they were able to build those large scale buildings during a time that didn’t have lifts. A lot of our building designs come from them, our math comes from theories they used. Their culture is so rich. We learn from our past and anything we can find out helps us learn more about cultures. It is interesting that there are so many different cultures and the similarities that they share as well as the differences. They were a powerful force. Learning more about them helps us learn more about our own cultures and how things began as well as what they did to influence other kingdoms of that time. Nothing in the past should be forsaken for the new.

    • Helen Marie Brandon says:


      I agree that there is so much we don’t know about our ancient history. That’s why it’s important to study what’s left behind. I feel we are lucky to have so many artifacts. Imagine what it would be like if we had them all? I could only imagine the depth of knowledge we could learn that way!

    • Rick Blomberg says:

      They still had pulley systems and a TON of slaves, so it is feasible to see that the could create such massive structures with the almost endless amount of resources available to them. It took many years to create, but with slaves having children becoming slaves they just moved right into what they were born into. Sucks but true.

  8. Brianna Maxim says:


    The art of the Luxor casino and the ancient pyramids do look alike in their representation. It has the same shape, it still towers over people and they even have a representation of the sphinx. I have never been really close to the Luxor but it does look like it holds some of the art that the Egyptians use. The Luxor looks beautiful but I think that the originals are much better. They have a purpose that ties into the culture and their religion. The artwork tells a story of who is buried there and about what will happen after death. They were all crafted with care. I think that representations are great, but I always liked the original better. The original is obviously the one that started it all and it just holds more significance in my eyes.

    • Brittany Rowland says:

      I think the Luxor is a neat casino and I have been there a few times, but just as you said, that the originals are much better. They have real meaning them and people have really been buried in the many tombs that the city holds. I am sure the work and detail that went into the real egyptian pyramids was much more than the themed casino.

  9. Kelly Mamo says:

    What are your thoughts on the art of ancient Egypt and does the Vegas Casino Luxor represent a factual re-creation of this great civilization from the Ancient World?

    My thoughts are that you cannot sustain a civilization unless you build permanent structures. The Egyptians were very innovative when designing, constructing and preserving the pyramids.

    Does the Luxor represent a factual re-creation from the Ancient World?
    I sure the architect that designed the Luxor Casino tried to re-create what made sense for what would appeal to people today. There is intrigue in what the rooms in the pyramid look like although I am sure the inside of a real pyramid would be very different. The architect is hired to create a gimmick to attract tourist and that’s why there are some so called artifacts. They used cranes, glass, and other modern day materials to build the Luxor where the Ancient Egyptians used manual labor, stone, blood and sweat. It is art because architecture is a creative avenue for someone to create something so beautiful as well as useful.

    Module 8- The motivation that compelled our ancient ancestors to leave images on the wall of caves was communicational. They were telling stories, making maps and maybe even drawing for pleasure. The cave that intrigued me the most was Christmas Tree Pass. I believe I have driven by there on the way to Arizona and I hope to check out the Native American petroglyths. I believe there is significance because many times it documents the lives of the ancient past. They should not be dismissed–it would be like throwing away a painting by Monet or spraying graffiti over a Frank Lloyd Wright home.

    • jessicabaker says:

      I agree I feel that the Luxor is just a building really because it doesnt look as incrediable as seeing the real pyramids. When I see the Luxor here I dont associate with art I associate as tourist attraction.

  10. Helen Marie Brandon says:

    I agree with others here that Egypt was very advanced for their time. How they managed to build those pyramids without modern technology is amazing. I don’t know if they would consider it art so much as pieces for functionality. I think the Luxor is a pretty good imitation of Egyptian pyramids, especially if you compare it to the Giza Plateau. I doubt it took as many man hours to build, however! I don’t really see the Luxor as a piece of art because it’s exploited in a way real sculptures hardly are.

    Module 8:

    Most of these cave paintings were of animals, a few of maps. I think the motivation was far from artistic for the most part. Many times, these tribes were nomadic as they sought out food sources. Perhaps they left these paintings behind for other tribes, to let them know what they could find upon arrival. The one that intrigued me the most was the Lascaux cave. It was so elaborate, so beautiful. Whoever did this was very talented. This is an example I could see as the painter trying to be artistic because he or she put so much work into it. There were not a lot of things to paint back then; perhaps they were just using what they knew to create this beautiful piece. I think it took a lot of time, which is hard for me to see as many of our ancestors struggled with food sources and weather conditions. It must have felt important for this person to paint this. I feel these are very significant to understand our history, what our ancestors saw/felt, and what was important to them. Obviously, animals were important as a source of food since they make up so much of these paintings. Also, maps seemed to be important. Perhaps this was to help other tribes find their way.

  11. Mitch Cain says:

    When looking at the art of ancient Egypt, I am taken back to a thriving empire that was advanced for its time. When I see the sculptures and pyramids I’m reminded of the amazing feats man has been capable of, even from and early period. The manpower, ingenuity, and determination that it took to accomplish the building of the pyramids is simply remarkable even today. I am not sure I feel that the Luxor is accurate in the sense that it reflects the pyramids of ancient Egypt. I will say however that it does appear to reflect what popular culture has portrayed the ancient pyramids to be. In that sense I believe it is an accurate reflection.

    I don’t believe that ancient Egypt’s pyramids are still speaking to us the way other art does, at least not in the same way. The pyramids of Egypt were functional art, serving as both a tomb and as a masterful work of mankind’s imagination and brawn. Certainly, the pyramids have relevance. They teach us about history, about humans before ourselves and the nature of art prior to the modern era,

  12. Christina Lopez says:

    I love the ancient culture of Egypt! it is amazing to see how they built for perfection and created the impossible for their time. They were an advanced civilization that still holds the best kept secrets of some of their architectural monuments. The Egyptians built their monuments so they would withstand all eternity and they sought after recognition even after they were dead. To speak the name of who ever built a monuments is like granting them eternity after they are dead.
    Now, the Las Vegas Luxor Pyramid is a great place to visit and to try to experience a little bit of Egypt. However, The Las Vegas Luxor is just a poor imitation of the real beauty and wonder of the real Egyptian monuments. When I think of Egyptian monuments I think of perfection, but the Luxor pyramid is just a pyramid with nothing special here in Las Vegas. You cannot compare the greatness of the real Egyptian monuments with the Las Vegas replicas. The builders in Egypt spend years working to create works of art for the gods. Builders in Vegas only built and compete on how fast to finish and making it all cheap for the payer. The Luxor in Vegas’ has a low quality that is not good enough to be compared with the ancient Egyptians’ skills.

  13. Bonnie Sam says:

    The culture of Egypt seems to be well known from professional levels to kids level. The cartoons that kids see nowadays refer back to empires, mummies, and ancient myths. The professional level include popular themes taken from the Egyptian culture for advertising and decoration. The Luxor in Las Vegas isn’t a re-creation of Egyptian culture because the Egyptian replicas and imitations are merely served as a theme for decoration. The culture can be portrayed well to represent the intended Egyptian culture, but it doesn’t place the same value. The pyramids and sculptures are imitated, but the genuine pyramids are far more different. The history behind Egypt’s culture bears more meaning than the replicas. I do however believe that architecture is a form of art because the blue prints are made from sketches by an artist who decided to physically build their work of art into a building.
    Learning Module 9: I believe the culture of Egypt still speaks to us today because their culture, like any other culture, is filled with new ideas and influences that everyone can learn from. The experiences and findings impact the world and society in various ways. Their unique method of building pyramids are interesting and new to the rest of world around them. Their beliefs bear meaning that no one else can understand, but it’s also evident that ideas overlap those from other cultures. For example, life after death can be similar to the ancient Chinese culture of reincarnation or Christian beliefs of life in heaven or hell. The ideas of the past live long into the future as artifacts are researched. Mummification was discovered and the method and process endured helped the future understand what preservation derived from. Also the interests taken in investigating the methods used without advanced technology can be a fascinating experience. There are many things that seem useless because today’s technology has advanced past never before, but many of Egyptian culture, like others, have left their legacies for future generations to observe, learn, and improve.

  14. Michael Leary says:

    I believe that Egyptian culture can still speak to us today. There are so many things that we can take and have taken from this civilization. It’s a window into not only the artistic aspects of their culture, but also the theological, spiritual, and even architectural aspects, all of which can be taken from their writings, artifacts, and especially their pyramids. How they managed to make them with what they had to work with back then and how they’ve managed to last as long as they did is beyond me.

    I’ve only been to the Luxor once, and I really was just walking through and not even paying attention to my surroundings. Because of this, I’m really not able to give a great response to the quality of its recreation. From the outside, it’s a nice little replica and what little I did look at while inside was pretty cool, but in all honesty, I would probably just see it as only scratching the surface compared to its original source.

  15. Dana Vargas says:

    I think that Egyptian art is very beautiful for its time. When I think about how long ago it was that this civilization was able to create such artwork, I think that it’s amazing. Egypt was very ahead of its time when it comes to creating such structures. I know its all a matter of opinion, but I think art and structures that are built today are more interesting to look at, but you have to think of the materials the Egyptians had to work with. Furthermore, I think the Luxor does a great job of capturing the Egyptian art of the Giza Plateau. It may be more modernized, but what do you expect, it is Las Vegas!

  16. Lauren Lantrip says:

    Learning Module 9:
    I think the ancient past seen in the slides on ancient Egypt are still speaking to us today. I think that there are still things to find of ancient Egypt, I think that there is still a lot to uncover. They were very inventive, and I think that we use a lot of things that we got from the Egyptians that we don’t even realize. Their way of thinking and way of life is still fascinating to us. Other cultures at this time, didn’t really do a great job of preserving their culture like the Egyptians. Ancient Egypt represents the beginning of many different forms of art. We’ve seen the cave paintings that pre-date the Egyptians, but the Egyptians took it a step further, and not only did they paint, but they carved their art work on huge walls, telling stories and they created hieroglyphics to represent words, one of the first forms of writing. Also they were the first to use architecture in designing their buildings. The pyramids had many different levels and were amazingly complex as seen in the slides showing the maps of the pyramids. The Egyptians were extraordinarily innovative, and I think that there is still a lot that we can still learn from them.

  17. Lauren Lantrip says:

    I think that it would be quite difficult to adequately capture the culture of the ancient Egyptians in a casino, but I think that the Luxor does a great job of capturing all that it can with a modern twist. I think that they did all that they could. In the desert, the pyramids stood out from the sand, it would be amazing to stumble across that amidst just plain sand for miles. To have the same effect here in this wild city of Vegas, they couldn’t simply make a pyramid the color of sand. That wouldn’t stand out, it would just look dull, so in order to have that same amazing factor they had to twist it up a bit. I think that they are still able to hold onto some of the wonder of Ancient Egypt. A long time ago, I went to the exhibit that they have at the Luxor, and they had some pretty interesting pieces of history. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to bring some of the culture into the building. A lot of the sides of the building are filled with hieroglyphics, which I think is a nice touch. Also, the way it is design, the floor plan is very innovative. It would make the Egyptians proud to see such a well designed floor plan. Although, it is still very flashy and modern, it still manages to keep some of the wonder of ancient Egypt. I think they did the best they could possibly do in maintaining the culture, but still making it appeal to our modern culture.

  18. Crystal Lancaster says:

    I would say that the Luxor in Vegas has nothing on the real pyramids of Egypt and is not an actual representation. It does not have the same meaning as the pyramids, but merely a likeness because its cool. The pyramids are great works of art that took years and even decades of hard work to construct. The Egyptians recorded everything they did to give us a better look at how civilization was in those times. What the Egyptians accomplished then can still teach us today but cannot be mimicked with fancy hotels and light

  19. Kelly Lytle says:

    The Egyptian civilization was obviously very much ahead and advanced for its time. I think that the Egyptians felt that being remembered was one of the greatest accomplishments that one could possibly have during that era, so they wrote down and drew everything that they could. I do agree that their culture does speak to use even today. We are still learning and discovering many things about their history. They obviously valued their culture and it resulted in being very influential and very beautiful. I think the Luxor in Las Vegas is a poor representative of Egypt. I feel like it is only met halfway compared to the grandness of the culture of Egypt. I don’t think that it can ever truly be copied and be expected to uphold the magnitude of the pyramids.

    Module 8:

    I was very impressed with this module. I really never knew how much detail went into these ancient cave paintings. I do think that these prehistoric people did have a reason for creating such intricate paintings. I think that it may of been a journal or even something for the younger generations of their youth to learn from, like a how to book. Without a doubt the Lascaux Cave in France really influenced me the most. I think because of all the colors and the complex detail of it really intrigues me. I never really thought that cave paintings really amounted to much but I am thoroughly shocked at how the coloring and blending of the animals coats and how well done the overall paintings are done. Also, I’m curious as to how they were able to paint that high up on the wall. It almost seems as if though they were making a museum themselves. I don’t think that we should dismiss any of these paintings at all. They are a recorded history of these people. It shows how they once lived. The paintings show how we have evolved through time.

  20. Alexia Betts says:

    Ancient Egyptian art is surprisingly not ingenious because of its appearance and architectural innovation but because this appearance, impossible detail, and innovation was developed long before its time. Structures of Egyptian caliber could not be mimicked for centuries, and their inner details and the myriad of artifacts, tombs, and even traps that can be found within their pyramids are still irreplaceable. In addition, it is amazing that with such minimal materials all of these structures were man made, without bulldozers or any thing automatic or electric.

    The Luxor’s depiction of Egyptian art is intricate and factual. It showcases the mass and dynamic striking qualities of the original art it depicts, meanwhile still having nothing on the original artistry.

  21. jessicabaker says:

    Ancient Egypt most definetly led the way in creation. I would have to say it will continue to speak to us; because of the still unknowns. In history it seems when we dicover one fact we learn many other facts. With the pyrimaids we still are finding out many things of how they lived; how the recorded history etc.
    As for the luxor I think it tried to capture the Egyptian feeling but does not really succeed. Its more just for show and doesnt capture the true meaning of the culture, but also doesnt really come close to the real actual thing .

  22. Brandon Booth says:

    Response to Power Point Module 6:

    I believe that the ancient past of Egypt is still speaking to us today. Like a compact disc that is continually playing, in time the sounds get distorted and tracks are skipped. Still, 4000 years later, ancient Egypt calls to us. The country of old is an enigma. Its magnificence and mystery has astounded every civilization that has come after, from Alexander the Great, to Ancient Rome, to the Napoleon, all the way up to preset day. Its the complex and enduring qualities of Egypt that make it so remarkable. Not enduring just because their relics exist today, but also that the civilization flourished for 2000 years. No one civilization has existed for so long. Of course it’s going to leave its mark. Studying Ancient Egypt is a great way of studying a unique culture. They must have been doing something right in order to have flourished for so long. Perhaps we can learn from them. What was the key to their success?

  23. Brandon Booth says:

    Response to blog, “Ancient Egypt and the Rise of Civilization”

    The art of ancient Egypt was very rigid and all about glorifying the Pharoh. The one major exception is of the reign of Akhenaton, and of his queen Nefertiti, who opened their minds to a more realistic art form, which glorified famine features. However, Akhenaton was seen as a heretic and when his rule ended, everything he created was torn down and Egypt went back to its more traditional forms of art. This, to me, is a bit disappointing. Although I am fascinated in Ancient Egypt’s social and military histories, as well as its amazing architecture, I find its sculptures to be monotonous and extremely repetitive. These people had the same ideas, the same way of life for 2000 years! Medieval and Renaissance Europe, by comparison, has drastic differences in art in just 100 years. I don’t know whether to commend Ancient Egypt for its consistency, or to reprimand it for its lack of creativity.

    The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas remains one of my favorites. However, its not because of its realistic portrayal of Ancient Egypt. Its more of a modernization of Egypt. Luxor attempts to draw on the mystery and enchanting qualities of Ancient Egypt, but with a more modern appeal. I have heard that they intend to rid themselves of the Sphinx soon, because it does not feel modern enough.

  24. Kristian Garcia says:

    I think that ancient egypt stll speaks to us today. We still have so much to learn from ancient Egypt and still learning everyday about their culure, religion, art, etc. If it didn’t speak to us now, we wouldn’t have archeologists, tourist, scientist, etc fascinated, wondering, and digging all around the area. Ancient Egypt is still a mystery to us and that is why people are still fascinated with it. We still use things today that ancient Egypt invented over thousands of years ago. For example, paper and pen, it was believed that ancient Egyptians first invented it and we still use them today.

    I find the art work in Ancient Egypt to be very interesting, it can be a little bland not very “artistic” more natural. I do like the sphinx. It is very interesting monument, plus i do like lions so that really speaks to me. It is interesting combination of a lions body with the head of a human. But then again ancient Greece has the minotaur and centaurs. I don’t think the Luxor shows any factual representation of Ancient Egypt. I think if they made the resort an exact replica of Ancient Egypt, it would not attract a lot of people. I don’t think that Ancient Egypt would be so colorful or bright.

  25. Sean Reilly says:

    Throughout my life I have always held a strong interest in ancient Egypt and continue to today. I believe the ancient Egyptians were extremely intelligent people who innovated and initiated many things we do and use today. This is clearly evidence that the past still speaks and follows us throughout time. There is much we are able to learn from these ancient cultures, Egypt in particular. When viewing the 7 wonders of the world we are still amazed that such beauty has been created and is still standing today. Not to mention that these wonders were created without the use of any modern technology such as cranes or power tools. All of this work was done by manual labor and was orchestrated by extremely intelligent individuals. The Egyptians also held a great respect for their leaders and did everything possible to honor them, in life and death. I believe there is much we can learn from these ancient peoples and much we must take into account. As time has gone on we have become more reliant on technology and machines to do the work for us. For this reason, I believe we should take a look at the works and lives of these ancient people and begin to take pride in creating something from nothing. The ancient Egyptians lived their lives through honor and respect for their leaders, something that we have seemed to lost as a culture.

    Along with Breasted, I believe that ancient Egypt was the model for much of what we know today, art included. The art depicted in the pictures above and from the learning module is some of the most influential and beautiful art ever created. I find the true beauty of Egyptian art to be its flawless symmetry and size considering the tools that were available at the time. This art was not created by one man like much of what we consider art today, this art was created by teams of men for a purpose in which they devoted their lives to. The men who made and executed the plans for these statues and tombs were men of genius and it is a shame we will never know their names. The Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is a great tribute to the ancient Egyptians but does not compare to the genius created in Egypt. When we take into account the way in which the Great Pyramids were built I feel it is wrong to compare a modern building created in its image to the beauty of the original.

  26. Shay Lamm says:

    I do believe that Egypt is still impacting life today. Because we are still to this day uncovering artifacts and evidence of there existence and it’s pretty amazing, we are also still building things that impact the Egyptian theme, e.g. The Luxor on the strip is a pyramid and inside are the images of the artifacts. We are able to learn that these people were very intelligent and knowledgable. They built a perfect pyramid out of 2.5 tons each of stone and then they had there language that used 5,000 elements where as the current alphabet contains 26 letters.

  27. Shay Lamm says:

    I think the art of the Egyptians is a beautiful and most defiantly a amazing thing. There art is like no other, it’s different in many ways as well. For the re-creation of the Luxor on the strip I do think it Is a recreation but not as great as the actual one, the one on the strip was built yes by man but not with such little resources as the egyptians had, alstownes saying the Luxor I’m sure not a lot of people fall back onto the Egyptians when inside the Luxor, I think it’s a great contribution to the Egyptians but does not satisfy it a enough for it to be famous just how the Egyptian pyramid is.

  28. Stephanie Gonzales says:

    Module Nine:
    The evidence of the ancient past as seen through Egypt holds a great deal of significance today. As far as speaking to us, I would say yes. Ancient artifacts are being represented in a number of different ways. There are replicas such as the Luxor, museums where they are featured, and movies based of them. If we look we can see reminisce of the cultural aspects of the ancient past. Ancestral Egypt allows a look into the past and a former way of living, architectural differences, and displays of artwork.

    I personally find ancient Egypt to be fascinating. Everything that has been discovered is truly remarkable. The vast planning that was required for such large scale sculptures and buildings shows the cultural significance of the Pharaoh; even though most of it was accomplished through slave labor. The shrine to the Pharaoh was being planned from the very beginning. One thing I am interested in knowing is how the ancient Egyptians would react to how all of the tombs and sacred sites that have been discovered. These areas were meant to house the people they looked to as Gods and they are being taken apart and studied.

    The Luxor is the same as most of the other replicas seen on the Strip. It features many of the attributes of the civilization of the Ancient World but I would not call it a factual re-creation. It like casinos such as the New York, New York were built to draw in consumers not present a factual representation. If I go to a casino such as the Luxor, Excalibur, or Caesars Palace I do not feel as if I have been entered a realistic interpretation. They are casinos that are built on the premise of an idea and transformed into a tourist destination.

  29. Alex-Arthur Williams says:

    Module 9:
    In today world Egyptian histroy does have major affect on us because they were able to do things back in their time that we are just developing in recent history. With the Great Pyramids it took a lot of planing, long time to build and thousands of workers to build. The modern representation that is the Luxor in Las Vegas also had difficulties in construction with building the outer shell which had to be supported inside from the ground to the four corner arches leading to the top. While the Luxor is much smaller then the originals it shows are facination with the Egyptian techonology they had because what they built by hand engineers had to create new techniques and practices to build the Luxor. They also had a very advance form of writing and a early form of a class system. Egyptians were the most modern civilization before we came along.

  30. Margaret de la Rosa says:

    Module 9:

    I definitely think that the ancient past is still speaking to us today. Ancient Egypt, in my opinion, has been one of the biggest influences on our society today. Luxor, as many have already mentioned, is a prime example of how we are trying to recreate the ancestral past. It speaks volumes as to how much we admire the work done by the ancient Egyptians. I am not well-educated in architecture but I am willing to go out on a limb to say that a lot of our present architects have used the structures and building patterns of ancient Egyptians as a guide and/or inspiration for their own modern works. From hieroglyphics to the concept of government, religion, formal language, the military, and financial institutions, among others; it is safe to say that the modern world has taken notes on Egyptian civilization. Egyptians were very well-educated and civilized–definitely way ahead of their time. Ancient Egypt was the perfect model to mold the present-day society on.

  31. Margaret de la Rosa says:

    Ancient Egyptian art was very intricate and detailed. I noticed that most of them are of people and animals that seem to tell a story. From looking at the images from Module 9, I got the impression that Egyptians greatly valued their rulers or people with power. I find their artwork interesting because looking at each one is like reading another page of a history book on Egypt. As far as the Luxor goes, I think that it represents Ancient Egypt well to a certain extent. The architects did a good job of trying to make it as realistic as possible, even adding the sphinx in the front. The Luxor is a good representation of the Great Pyramid while adding a modern touch to it.

    • Helen Marie Brandon says:


      I agree that we can learn a lot about Egypt’s social system. They definitely held their rulers in high respect.

  32. Sela Tuamoheloa says:

    I think Egypt’s art and architecture is definitely remarkable. Knowing how labor intensive it would have to be, to build, and knowing how technology was back then makes it even more incredible. Their artwork seems very calculated and organized in comparison to some art of the past. I like that the art reflected their culture and religious beliefs and it displays how strongly dedicated they were to them. I would say the Luxor Las Vegas is a factual re-creation of the Egyptian civilization because not only is it representational visually, but it is a sort of gathering place for people and that’s what the structures in Egypt were for.

  33. Marel Gil says:

    I think that the art work done by this ancient culture is just amazing. Its so beautiful and colorful and to think that they could do something like this with the resource available to them in their time. I feel to do somethign like that they needed to be dedicated and have even more patients to make something so grand and with so much detail. I think that the Luxor is an agreeable mimic of some things from the ancient world of Egypt. Inside you see statues and paintings. Of course its not something that makes you think you’ve stepped out of Las Vegas and you’ve fallen into Egypt but thats not the real idea behind something like the Luxor. I feel that that casino like anythign else on the strip was made for entertainment and to show something different. If anything maybe show through imitation how amazing and beautiful an imitation can be and maybe the real thing is even more better. I have walked into the Luxor and I like looking at the statues of Anubus and the “oasis” they have inside. I think that the people working there could use a better outfit that goes with the theme. But I like to think that the idea of housing rooms and entertainment inside the pyramid was to go along with the ideas of the ancient Egyptians. Pyramids were errected by kings and were made for them only and their possesion as their final resting place and if one thinks about it in this way, it could be said that the people who come in to stay in the Luxor can be considered kings and queens resting there.

    Module 9:
    I think that the past is in a way still speaking to us. If it wasn’t, then why is it that countless people flock to Egypt to get a look of what remainds of the majestic Sphynx and the pyramids. If it were soemthing of the past, then we would not consider it to be a wonder of the world and we might have already taken it down to build something else or to take its place. Of course, we can’t say that we still hold homage to some of their believes but it was them who gave us many of the things we have today and if it wasn’t for their discovers, we might not have other things we might not take into consideration. The ancient things may not have a great influence on our everyday lives, but we learn so much about so many things not only from them but through others who have seen these things a lot newer than us. I feel that as time goes by, we lose touch with what was really meant with anything that they might have built, done or written. We lose the knowlegde of those things and as time dwindles by, we have less and less people who can tell us what it really means. Take for instance the tablets and scrolls from the time of the pharrohs. The civilitation know what was said in those documents and maybe even 200 years ago, that writing was still being passed down from generation through generation. From a quote in the slide, the characters on these documents mean so much more than just a letter or a word and we may not even know what it might mean now because it might have been somthing widely used and said in that time period but now we have no idea what it could be or how it was meant. Through their great achievements we can see that anything can be done and is possible. They did all of those things with all the machinery and advancements we have now. They had so much creativity and knowledge on so many things that we as normal everyday people do now half of the things they might have know as an everyday thing. We might not be able to learn something knew from their things but we are bettering the things that they left behind for us and if we were to find something new, I bet that it would teach us a whole lots of things about, give us another glimpse of that they were doing and thinking, and fascinate us even more with their beatiful art and work.

  34. Asia Polee says:

    Learning Module 9:
    My thoughts on ancient Egypt is that I believe it’s beautiful monuments are still speaking to us today in the 21st century. Even though the culture and tradition of Egypt’s decomposed stone monuments and hieroglyphic texts are subjects to a lost civilization people still continue to study its language. The use of hieroglyphics past are being read and studied by many at University Egyptology courses. What we are able to learn from ancestral Egypt is its influence to the development of modern society. Egyptology lets us recognize the beauty of art, skill of craftsmen, aspects of the language, funerary beliefs, and the great preservation of archaeological material.

    The art of ancient Egypt are very majestic. Egypt’s stone buildings, pyramids and temples have motivated artists, writers, and poets to copy its magnificent art work. I do think that the Vegas Casino Luxor represents a great re-creation of ancient Egypt. The Luxor’s massive 350 ft pyramid, its artificial light beaming straight from the apex, large impressive sculpture sphinx, and replica of King Tut’s tomb is a great duplication to the original.

  35. Helen Marie Brandon says:

    Module 9:

    I believe that the art of Ancient Egypt is still speaking to us today. To imagine that they made all these things before modern tools were around is stunning. It must have taken a lot of time, and I think it shows us how much they cared for their history and culture. They obviously wanted it preserved. Through their artifacts, we can learn their complex language, understand their social system, style of dress, their beliefs about the afterlife, etc. I find the Sphinx a really interesting statue. Close to 5000 years old, it is an integral part of Egyptian history. It really makes you feel tied to the past, knowing that someone was looking at the same statue so long ago. It is truly a majestic statue.

    • Kelly Mamo says:

      I was so surprised to read they had over 500 symbols for their alphabet and we only have 26! The artifacts also tell a story and that is why I also believe the Ancient Egypt speaks to us today.

  36. Nikki Graves says:

    The Egyptians really knew what they were doing, didn’t they? Everything was luxurious and gilded. Gold and gemstones lined coffins that wouldn’t see the light of day again, isn’t that beautiful? I mean it’s completely narcissistic, classist, and pretentious, but that’s what they believed in. The Luxor doesn’t capture half as much of the essence that one square foot of a Egyptian tomb would–it’s a cheap tourist attraction replica without the slightest attention to factuality or detail. If the creators of the Luxor had as much attention to detail as the imagineers of Disney…then they may have gotten it close to right…but they were just trying to make a quick buck, and they’ve done that, so what do they care whether it’s politically correct or not?

  37. Eason Dong says:

    In response to learning module 9.

    Yes, the ancient Egypt is still speaking to us. A quick example, there are countless scholars and researchers are study right now to find the reason behind mystery behind. Their government, language and system was seen as the foundation of the modern society. I think there is still a lot behind that civilization for us to find out.

  38. Eason Dong says:

    The ancient Egypt Civilization is astonishing and deserved to be consider as one of the seven Wonders. Their bulidings are massive and very complicated even in today. Their art and other designs are very colorful and vivid. These things were so remarkable that I doubt if anything will surpass them in the future.

    As far as the Luxor goes, it is true that this resort provide a lot themes of the Egypt. However, I don’t see the spirits behind it. I still believe as a human being, we cannot experience the cultural shock unless we see these miracles in our own eyes at Egypt.

  39. Ancient Egypt is a civilization that has had a great influence, and still has a lot of influence on the current generation, in terms of art, religion, architecture, and most other aspects of current civilization. In my opinion, it is evident that ancient past, as evidenced by Egypt, is still speaking to us today, mainly through the development of architecture and the development of worldly religion. This opinion is arrived at after considering the profound influence that Egyptian architecture has had on the development of worldly architecture and the relation of nearly all architecture. The two main influences of architecture are the sphinx and the great pyramid, since the two artifacts have been in existence for a long period of time.
    After an analysis of ancient Egyptian culture, I would say that the world has a lot to learn from the work and life of the ancient Egyptians. The first thing that is learnt is the importance of religion and the significance of religious aspects to world history. For example, it is evident that most of Egypt’s artifacts and important architecture have some religious significance or other, therefore, the importance of religion in confirming opinion is noted. The other learning point from the ancient Egyptian studies is the importance of literary thinking and record-keeping. The libraries that were used by the ancient scholars are still accessible, indicating that the Egyptians thought to document all aspects of their civilization. In my opinion, ancient Egyptian civilization was the single most important facet of worldly development and history.

  40. Ancient Egypt is a civilization that has had a great influence, and still has a lot of influence on the current generation, in terms of art, religion, architecture, and most other aspects of current civilization. In my opinion, it is evident that ancient past, as evidenced by Egypt, is still speaking to us today, mainly through the development of architecture and the development of worldly religion. This opinion is arrived at after considering the profound influence that Egyptian architecture has had on the development of worldly architecture and the relation of nearly all architecture. The two main influences of architecture are the sphinx and the great pyramid, since the two artifacts have been in existence for a long period of time.
    After an analysis of ancient Egyptian culture, I would say that the world has a lot to learn from the work and life of the ancient Egyptians. The first thing that is learned is the importance of religion and the significance of religious aspects to world history. For example, it is evident that most of Egypt’s artifacts and important architecture have some religious significance or other, therefore, the importance of religion in confirming opinion is noted. The other learning point from the ancient Egyptian studies is the importance of literary thinking and record-keeping. The libraries that were used by the ancient scholars are still accessible, indicating that the Egyptians thought to document all aspects of their civilization. In my opinion, ancient Egyptian civilization was the single most important facet of worldly development and history.

  41. Alexia Betts says:

    Learning module 9:
    Yes, ancient Egyptian art, hieroglyphics, and phenominal architecture continues to speak to us. We learn about the importance that ancient Egyptians placed on their rulers(which they considered deities) and the various other mythological gods that they worshipped. We also learn that their art was synonymous to their culture as well as their worship in that it was metriculous, imperative, and thoughtful. Overall, I think that the ambiguity of all of the extremely colossal, unique, and valuable ancient Egyptian pieces is what will continue to captivate us for years to come.

  42. Daniela Carrasco says:

    Module 9:
    I belive that ancient Egyptian art and architectural structures of the past still speak to us today. I think that everyone is able to learn from the past and the reasons behind artwork. We are able to learn their culture that they established hundreds of years ago and their beliefs. Not only do we learn about their lifestyles but also about the earth itself. Information such as ancient Egyptian evidence allows us to determine what the world was like in regard to weather, soil, rivers and enviorment. We can also learn about their level of intelligence. Their structures can and have been forms of inspiration to engineers and architectures of today.

    • Jessica Chang says:

      This is true, I see the architectural presents all across the modern scene. From pyramids-like buildings to certain burial traditions.

  43. Daniela Carrasco says:

    I believe that art of ancient Egypt is very inspirational and educational. Not only is the artwork amazing but it also educated us of the past. I think that it allows us to learn from not only the past but also the cultures and beliefs of people. I think that there is a lot to learn from egyptian artwork. It allows us to travel back in time and visually see what the earth was like one hundred years ago. I think that the Luxor Casino represents a re-creation of great civilization from Ancient World but not completly. I think that it does represent the complex construction of the real thing. First of all, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the Luxor was: wow, how did they manage to build a pyramid that is stable enough. I do not know much about architecture or engineering but I can assume that building a structuire like that is not a simple project. However I do not think that it has a good representation of the artwork. I personally think that the luxor is very plain inside and does not incorporate the Ancient World very well.

  44. Brittany Rowland says:

    Module 9:
    I think that the ancient Egyptian past still speaks to us. The architecture was way beyond it’s time for the civilization back then. We see the use of that architecture everywhere and people still use it even to today. The Luxor on the Las Vegas Strip is a great example of how the Egyptian past has influenced people in today’s society. They made a replica of a pyramid that was designed by the ancient Egyptians. I also believe they have a sphinx down there or they used to. These people found a way to carry these stones that weighed tons and build such a magnificent structure with them through their advanced way of building. We can learn a great deal from the ancient Egyptians, because they were so advanced for their time. They started making tombs and having great burials. Today we have people buried in cemeteries that have small tombs in them for people who want to pay the money to have their own tomb. We have been influenced a great deal by their way of burial and thinking there is an afterlife.

    These wealthy kings of Egypt had all of these slaves breaking their backs to create a magnificent city. It relates to today’s society so very well. The rich and wealthy sit back and have the working class people build our economy and they just continue to run our country while the working class struggles. This is exactly how the ancient Egyptians ran their country. King Tut was a teenager who was born into royalty and ran the entire country and forced these slaves to build tombs and pyramids for the wealthy to use.

    I think the arts of ancient Egypt are astonishing. They have such a great deal of manual labor put behind them, which is very respectable. They are simple and beautiful to look at. I have heard when you see them in person they are breath-taking, which means to me that they are a great piece of art work. I do not think that the Vegas Luxor represents a factual re-creation of such a great civilization. Yeah it is a very neat casino and definitely is a smaller replica of what the Egyptian pyramid looked like, but to me it does not compare to the Egyptian civilization. I have never been to the pyramids in Egypt, but I imagine them being much more magnificent than a Egyptian themed casino in Vegas.

  45. Roman and Greek Art
    The purpose of this essay is to compare the Roman artistic period to the Greek artistic period. To be exact, my personal view on the two periods will be outlined and three questions will be answered. First, I will explain which period I prefer and why this is my preference. Secondly, I will describe which images had the strongest impact on me. Finally, I will explain which period I would like to visit, if I could go back in time.

    Which artistic period do you prefer—Greek or Roman—and why?
    Both the Greek artistic period and the Roman artistic period, had positive attributes. However, since I have to choose one period, I would choose the Roman artistic period. Although, the Roman art borrowed a lot from the Greeks and Egyptians, I prefer Roman art for exactly this reason. In a way, Roman art combined the best of everything and blended it with its own ideas. It is true that the Romans valued Greek art; however, I prefer the less idealized and more diverse Roman approach to art.
    In addition, I admire the beauty of Roman architecture that is combined with its practical use. For example, I believe the Roman aqueducts to be not only beautiful, but also a very important feature. Aqueducts are a prime example of the fabulous Roman engineering and building skills. The Pont du Gard is probably the best proof for how remarkable the Roman artistic period was.

    Which image or images made the strongest impact on you and why?
    Even though I prefer the Roman artistic period, there were a couple of pictures from all periods mentioned that had a strong impact on me. From the Roman period, the picture of the Pont du Gard, made the strongest impression on me. As stated above, I admire the combination of beauty
    and usefulness. Moreover, I am fond of the amount, position and various sizes of arches in the Pont du Gare.
    With regard to the Greek artistic period, there are two images that impressed me. The first image is the image of the majestic Parthenon, due to the balance and symmetry of the building itself. Secondly, the image of the Venus de Milo made a very strong impression on me, because it is a beautiful and captivating statue.

    If you could go back in time, which period would you most want to visit—Egypt, Greece or Rome—and why?
    This is a difficult question to answer. As outlined above, I am impressed by both the Roman and Greek artistic period. However, if I was able to travel back in time, I would probably visit Egypt. The main reason for this decision is that I would have loved to see the Ancient Library of Alexandra, which was the largest and most important library of its time. From what we have learnt, it must have been a marvelous place.
    The Library of Alexandra held over half a million documents from various nations, such as Persia, Greece and Egypt, which is a remarkable amount of documents, even compared to our standards. In addition, many scholars lived in the library, which is another reason for my decision. I can only begin to imagine the overwhelming experience to be surrounded by all those ancient documents and ancient scholars. Finally, from an architectural point of view, it would have been a wonderful experience to see the outside and inside of the building itself, which was sadly destroyed. I guess the fact that the Library of Alexandra was completely destroyed increased my fascination with it.

  46. Joshua Nelson says:

    Learning Module 9: Thoughts on Egypt

    In my opinion the ancient past does not still speak to us today. I believe we as a society has advance far from where they were in the past. The way they lived their lives day to day, we now have come so far from that. The past I feel does have relevance in the fast paced life of the early 21st century, because without what past we could not have excel. Everything from the past I believe structured what and how we live our life today. Without it, who knows what our lives would be like?

  47. Christiane Dolores says:

    Answer to Learning Module 9:

    I do think that Egypt is still speaking to us today, only because I truly believe that the present can learn from our past. Life in the past in Egypt may not be completely relevant to our world today, which is mostly fast-paced; however, it teaches us how much the people of Egypt adored their leader. It is so much different from today, in which we do not have a life-long leader (President) and it is not by royal blood. I think that the past teaches us by showing us how to NOT live, if that makes any sense at all. I also think that the past shows us the patience of its people, which we lack today.

  48. Christiane Dolores says:

    I do not think that the Vegas Casino, Luxor, represents a factual recreation of the original one in Ancient Egypt. The reason why I believe that is because the casino has been modified to attract Las Vegas tourists. Las Vegas tourists like flashing lights and new scenery. The original pyramid in Ancient Egypt leaves a sense of history and it’s real. In that sense, I do not believe anything can be recreated to feel like the real one.

  49. Jessica Chang says:

    In my opinion, the ancient past as evidenced by Egypt is still speaking to us today, furthermore, it would be difficult to ignore. As the many megalithic structures are present today, and provide us with the wonder and astonishment, how could we say that it does not speak to us? The structures of Egypt are evidence of a point in our history in which civilization collides with previous human creation and understanding. The result is an amazing society, producing mind boggling structures and other creations.

    Just as with other ancient astonishment, what we have to learn from the ancient world of Egypt falls under our history as human beings, as well as with the construction and engineering aspect. It is rumored by some that the figures and stories illustrated and told on the walls of the structures were not drafted from the imagination of humans, but a report on the actual of the time. Many believe that the megalithic structures created, could not have been created with such primitive tools and methods regardless of the amount of manpower. Some point to aid from others that are unlisted in the records. Whatever the case, the amazing structures give insight into the ancient art of Egypt.

  50. Kevin Stratton says:

    There are many remains of ancient civilizations all over the world. From the Aztecs in Mexico to the Indians of the Midwest plains to the huge towering Pyramids of Egypt all of these ancient civilizations all have art or buildings of some sort that are still standing. Egypt, in my opinion, is the one civilization that really is mind blowing when you truly think about their accomplishments as a country. The huge pyramids that were constructed without any machines to help move large amounts of rock is insane. To create these huge structures it must have taken a massive army of slaves or workers to fulfill such a feat. We know a lot about the ancient egyptian civilization due to the fact they left these huge astonishing structures for us to study.

    I think the Luxor does a great job at replicating the ancient egyptian world, but I think this is mostly for entertainment purposes. A lot of the casinos that were built during the time the Luxor was are all themed. This does a great job attracting people to the hotel because of the fascinating theme. Im sure a lot of the decor inside the hotel resembles that of ancient Egypt but I don’t really believe visiting the hotel would give you a great view into the ancient civilization of Egypt.

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